Stainless Steel Grids Strainers Sieves Kitchen Sinks Bath Overflow Grids

We are leading Manufacturer & Exporter for the Stainless Steel Grids Sieves Strainers, which also includes Stainless Steel Wash Basin Sink Strainers, S.S Sieves Grids, Stainless Steel Sieves Kitchen Sinks Bath Overflow Grids since 1980.

We offer Stainless Steel Grids Sieves Strainers in five standard sizes, including two metric sizes. The nickel Electrical Brass Components with sieve features square apertures approximately 001” thick, with mesh sizes starting from 3 microns. The mesh can be supported by a nickel-plated copper which support grid, and is supplied in frames. The support grid is offer in 2.5 lines per inch, 5 lines per inch, and 14 lines per inch configurations. Stainless Steel Strainers at Kaizen Metals are precise instruments, custom-produced from electroformed high quality of mesh material and assembled in a variety of pattern frames.

Our Stainless Steel Grids sieves strainers concave net catches food or any items securely while releasing oil, water and other residue. This is essential tool for kitchen, Basin and many more uses. This is manufacture by us for your needs and specification and your designs so we fulfill your needs and requirements very easily.

Sizes: As per your specifications