Cable Cutters Wire Cutters Bolts Cutters

KAIZEN METALS INDIA is a worldwide name in the Brass Industries. It is an all stop place for non ferrous metal at reasonable prices. Cable Cutters, Bolts Cutters, Wire Cutters are used for cutting purposes that is manufactured in such a way that it provides zero defects is a product of our company.

Steel Cable Cutters are an essential tool designed to cut insulated Aluminum and Copper XLPE cable of various diameters. With these cutters, cable cutting becomes easy as it comes with replaceable jaws and strong tubular PVC comfort grip handles. These are not intended to cut Steel.

Steel Cable Cutters are very reliable as its handles are unbreakable and jaws can be replaced. It has achieved high efficiency level due to its clean, precise and easy cutting without crushing the cable Due to its durable cutting adjustment. It increases people’s efficiency in their working environment due to feathery handles, friendly lever effect and safe plastic coating. As jaws are made of alloyed steel they provide minimum deformation of internal wires.

Our Bolts Cutters are mostly used for high tensile, extra hard, high temperature, precious metal and general cutting purposes.

Best used in the following areas:

  • Repair and manufacturing workshops
  • Cables, wire-drawing mills
  • Electricity, telecommunications
  • Automotive, pneumatics industry
  • Civil engineering, buildings