Brass Threaded Fasteners

We provide one of the high quality of Brass Threaded Fasteners with variety of types. Our fully brass threaded rod and Threded stud has a plain finish and its entire length cover with threads. Brass provides corrosion resistance and offers electrical and thermal conductivity. Threaded rods and studs are screw into tapped holes or threaded Nuts, allowing for gathering of Components.

Brass Threaded Rods and Brass Threaded Studs both are different in length. In general, a Stud is up to 1 foot long and a rod is more than that. Both have threads along part or all of their length. On one or both ends, they are partially threaded and have equal or unequal thread length so they look same. For the securing to the surface of components, our Threaded Studs are available with a weld projections, prorated base, or a press-in captive head.

Standard:To DIN 529 & 975
Sizes:Brass Studs Brass Threaded Rods Brass All threads are From 5 mm to 36 mm in thread size and up to 1.5 mm in length